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Executive Director - Interim

Bob Pattullo


Therapists and Staff

Barbara Aimone, LPC,

Ruby Bowens, LMSW, DMIN, Therapist

Claudia Caccioto, LMSW, Therapist

Bridget Kujansuu, LMSW, Therapist

Joe Evans, Office Manager

Kim McDonald, Accountant

Board of Directors

Cheryl Madeja, President

Bob Pattullo, Vice President

Robert Sherby, Treasurer

Dorothy Siegl, Secretary

Forrest Dillon, Board Member

Deb Eskridge, Board Member 

Liz London, Board Member 

Sharon Morton, Board Member 

​Rev. Mark Phillips, Consultant
Janice Kornacki, MA, LLP, Consultant 

All staff are committed to the highest standards in managing the confidentiality of our clients.  All professional staff are licensed in the State of Michigan and can provide a faith-based perspective to the counseling process.

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