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The team at Dearborn Pastoral Counseling Center understands the need for a strong mental health system that provides the care, support and services needed to help people build better lives. Due to the support of neighbors like you, it has been possible for us to help many in need in our community. Here are just a few of our client stories:

  • A man was overcome by grief when his wife died. It became debilitating. He cried steadily throughout the day. He said he often felt he could not get out of bed. Through therapy, he has been able to reach a point where he can talk about her and their life together, without tears and with joy. Now he wants to help others going through similar difficult times by being an emotional support to them.

  • A young mother with three children who was suffering from depression and anxiety says DPCC saved her life. Her recovery hasn’t been easy. She’s been in counseling each week for two years. With the help of her therapist, she has learned new skills to deal with stressful situations. She says she now communicates better with her husband and that she has more effective ways to discipline her children other than “yelling.” She has not had a panic attack in 12 months. She credits her work with her counselor, which included a faith-based element by her choice, with improving her relationship with God.

  • A long-married couple came to us for marital counseling. They were not optimistic about their chances to save the marriage, but wanted to give counseling a chance as a last resort. After working with their counselor, they are able to enjoy their marriage again. They recently happily celebrated their 50-year wedding anniversary. They are no longer contemplating divorce.  

The need in our community, however, is great. Last year:

  • Over 39 percent of adults in Michigan reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. 27 percent were unable to get needed counseling or therapy.

  • Of the 421,000 adults in Michigan who did not receive needed mental health care, 38.4 percent did not because of the cost.

  • Michiganders are over 5x more likely to be forced out-of-network for mental health care than for primary health care — making it more difficult and less affordable to find care due to higher out-of-pocket costs.

  • At DPCC, one-quarter of our clients have no insurance or are underinsured.  

At DPCC, we never turn anyone away due an inability to pay. We have a Client Aid Fund to pay for counseling for those who need it.  We work with each client to establish a fee they can afford.

With your help, we can do more to help those in need. Please consider making a one-time – or if you are able -- a monthly contribution to DPCC for 2023. Your donation of: 

  • $40 pays for one session for an uninsured client

  • $160 pays for a month of sessions for an uninsured client

  • A monthly contribution of $20 ($240 per year) or $50 ($600 per year) could help several under-insured clients afford the cost of their sessions

  • No gift, however, is too small.  All donations are appreciated and will make good work happen.  

On behalf of the staff and clients of DPCC, thank you for considering us a group to donate to.  As a small community-based non-profit, we appreciate our supporters that provide the funds we need to serve our clients. Please help spread the word about DPCC to those who might need our services.

    Please Donate to DPCC - Help Us Help the Community!
Please use the button below to donate online or mail a check to our office at: 
24110 Cherry Hill Road, Dearborn, MI 48124

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