Donate to Dearborn Pastoral Counseling Center

Donations from individuals, churches, and civic organizations are appreciated.  The primary use of donations from individuals is to provide funding to our Client Aid Fund.  This Fund is used to assist clients who have a financial hardship that is a barrier to them receiving counseling services.  Through the Client Aid Fund, a client may only need to pay a small portion of the cost of services or may have services fully paid for through the Fund, depending on individual circumstances. Donations from churches and community organizations are primarily directed toward operating costs.

Donations may be made with checks payable to:

Dearborn Pastoral Counseling Center

24110 Cherry Hill Road

Dearborn, Michigan


We are grateful to the churches, organizations, and individuals who have donated to our agency over the past several years:

Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn

Hope Lutheran Church

Cherry Hill Baptist Church

Dearborn Covenant Church

Dearborn Congregational Church

First United Methodist Church of Dearborn

Dearborn Kiwanis Club

Dearborn Rotary Club

Thank You.

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